Can the European Political Community be a bridge between the UK and the EU?

Authors:Luigi Scazzieri
Date:28 April 2023
Document type:Policy reports

This policy brief assesses the EPC’s potential to foster closer UK-EU ties. Can the EPC create new channels of communication and lead to closer relations? Can it function as a forum to address shared challenges? What kind of structure should the EPC have to be as effective as possible as a forum for co-operation? And what are the main barriers to the EPC’s success as a UK-EU bridge? The brief concludes that the EPC can help rebuild trust between the UK and the EU, promote closer dialogue and serve as a forum for Europe and the UK to discuss shared challenges, particularly relating to security, and potentially serve as an incubator for concrete cooperation projects. However, much depends on the EPC’s evolution, which will be influenced by many factors other than UK-EU relations.

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