Moldova, a land of partnership missions for the European Union

Authors:Florent Parmentier
Date:3 October 2023
Document type:Commentaries

Sharing 939 kilometres of borders with Ukraine, Moldova is closest to the epicentre of the war that began on 24 February 2022. From the very first weeks onwards, the Moldovan authorities had to build reception facilities for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the fighting in the south and east of the country. In diplomatic and strategic terms, this war has also played a role in accelerating events, since in June 2022 Moldova was, against all expectations, recognised as candidate country to the European Union. The credit for this European rapprochement goes largely to the leadership team headed by President Maia Sandu. With her party (Party of Action and Solidarity – PAS), she has led the nation’s dynamic forces along this demanding path of transformation, despite the many difficulties that the country faces.

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