Weathering the geopolitical storm – what future for the EPC?

Authors:Hans Dietmar Schweisgut
Date:31 January 2024
Document type:Commentaries

After initial doubts concerning the motivation behind President Emmanuel Macron’s surprise initiative, most European leaders became supportive of the EPC. This has also been the case with Austria, which warmed up to the EPC after it had become clear that it was not designed to be an alternative to the EU’s enlargement process. The level of attendance and the opportunity for bilateral diplomacy at the first summit in Prague made it a success, one that, however, proved hard to repeat on a semi-annual basis. It is difficult to see what role the EPC could play once Russia’s war of aggression comes to an end. A loose format will continue to have some merit, but if success is measured in terms of concrete outcomes, a more focused agenda and a minimum of institutional infrastructure will be needed.

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