Initiative to relaunch international cooperation in the energy sector following inactivity on the MidCat pipeline 

Participants:France, Germany, Portugal, Spain
Topic:Energy & Climate Action
Summit:1st summit - Czechia
Date:6 October 2022
Type:Verbal declaration
Pre-existing arrangement:Yes

The leaders of Spain, France, and Portugal agreed to meet for renewed discussion. The MidCat project proposes to connect the gas networks of Spain and France.  



The leaders of France, Spain, and Portugal met in Brussels on 21 October 2022 and decided to abandon the MidCat project, instead agreeing to establish the H2Med project, an undersea hydrogen pipeline.  


Germany announced that it will join the H2Med project on 22 January 2023. 


The H2Med hydrogen corridor received a positive technical assessment from the European Commission, which could potentially make the project eligible for EU funding. The list of approved projects will be announced in November.