UK-France declaration to continue providing support to Ukraine 

Participants:France, UK
Topic:Security & Peace
Summit:1st summit - Czechia
Date:6 October 2022
Type:Written statement
Pre-existing arrangement:Yes

Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine pushed the leaders of the United Kingdom and France to express their support for Ukraine. The sides pledged to provide all necessary assistance “for as long as it takes to restore Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, to resist Russian aggression, and to hold Russia to account for its actions”.


After the first EPC summit in the Czech Republic, the UK and France continued to support Ukraine separately. More information on the support provided can be found on the Kiel Institute’s Ukraine Support Tracker, available at the link below. 


At the third EPC summit, most EPC participants referred to their will to continue political, military, and/or financial support to Ukraine, with some EU member states stating their support for Ukraine’s EU accession (as well as that of Moldova and Georgia). Spain, in particular, discussed enhancing cooperation to protect the Black Sea “grain corridor”.